Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council is a visioning and planning body of parishioners who foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the church as lived out in the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish. In consultation with the Pastor, the Pastoral Council actively listens to and identifies the needs and concerns of the people and develops a parish pastoral plan to respond to those needs. Council members are elected to a 2 year term with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. For more information please contact Pastoral Council Chairman Mark Gronski.   

The Pastoral Council is a group of individuals who volunteer and/or are elected to work with the Pastor in a prayerful, collaborative manner to address the planning and administration of the parish. 

2018 Pastoral Plan

Pastoral Council Constitution

Current Pastoral Council Members:

Pastor: Fr. Jack Kelly (910) 488-1797

Pastoral Council Chair: Mark Gronski

Parish Finance Council Chair: Steven McDavid (910) 303-1599

Pastoral Council Secretary: Kerry Agnello

Meet your Pastoral Council Members:


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Grace Merkle

 Kerry Agnello

 Brigitte Cain

 Mark Gronski

 Priscilla Hambly   Chris Heidgerkin  Rodney Komlofske  Sally Sears 
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Sue Osborn


 John Pollard


Gerry Rodriguez-Cruz
High School Representative
 Diane Scherr 


 John Werderman

 Bob Timbers