Saturday, October 19, 2019

9:00am - 2:00pm

We need YOUR help to make the Bazaar a success!  Scroll down and see all the ways you can be a part of this fun event! 
Set up for the bazaar begins Monday October 14th. At least 3 people are needed to help set up tables and help with other preparations. We will begin at 10am.

WE STILL NEED A LOT OF VOLUNTEERS! See below for where help is needed!



Please return your raffle tickets promptly! Each registered family was given two packs of tickets to sell or purchase (a total of 20 tickets/$20.00). The tickets are a good chunk of bazaar income.  Extra books of tickets can be picked up in the office! Tickets and payment can be brought into the office, mailed in, or placed in an envelope and placed in the gray box in the gathering space in the church.
Prizes this year: 1st Prize-$500.00, 2nd Prize-$300.00, 3rd/4th Prize-$100.00 each.  There are also additional smaller prizes not printed on the tickets.
Volunteers needed the day of the bazaar to receive tickets/payment as well as sell additional raffle tickets. We are still in need of 2 people from Noon -1:30pm.


WE REALLY NEED YOU! It takes many volunteers are needed to make the bazaar a success! Individuals are needed to help set up, clean up, and most of all, help out at the various booths the day of the bazaar. This is a great way to have fun, meet fellow parishioners, make new friends and build up our parish community! Sign up sheets are in the gathering space in the church. Beginning Monday, October 14th, please call the office to sign up to help. Don't hesitate to call the office if you can help or if you have questions! The only experience you need is a smile and a friendly attitude! 

PLEASE plan on baking and donating homemade cakes, cookies, candies, pies, fudge, breads, brownies, muffins and more!  Some suggestions: please bag or plate and cover smaller items (cookies, candies, cupcakes). Please label each item you are donating-volunteers will not necessarily know what you have brought-especially if the item is low sugar, sugar free, gluten free, or has nuts in it-please make certain that items with possible allergy triggers are clearly marked.  Please note that we cannot accept any items that require refrigeration-we have no room. Volunteers are needed throughout the day to help sell baked goods. Baked goods can be brought to the parish hall beginning Friday, October 18th from 9:00am to 7:00pm or the morning of the bazaar.
Volunteers needed: 9am-10am-2 people; 10am-11am-2 people; 11am-Noon-3 people; Noon-1pm-1 person; 1pm-2pm-4 people.

Back this year is the cake walk!  Music, cakes and a little exercise equals fun!  To make the cake walk a success-we need homemade cakes for prizes.  Consider baking and donating a cake (or 2) for this fun event! 
Volunteers Needed: 10am-11am-1 person; 11am-Noon-2 people; Noon-1pm-2 people.

Craft sessions continue-our final session is Tuesday, October 15th! Join this Tuesday and the 15th in the parish hall from 9:00am-Noon.  Please join us for craftiness, fun and fellowship!  All skill levels are welcome!  Can't attend sessions but are crafty?  Consider donating your completed crafts! Several volunteers are needed the day of the bazaar to help sell crafts.
Volunteers Needed: 9am-10am-1 person; 10am-11am-3 people; 11am-Noon-1 person; Noon-1pm-2 people; 1pm-2pm-1 person.

We are looking donations for our basket raffle!  We are currently accepting new merchandise, as well as gift certificates for goods and services! Be creative and create a themed basket to donate! Baskets need to be valued at $50.00 or less. Volunteers need the day of the bazaar to sell tickets.
Volunteers Needed: 9am-10am-2 people; 10am-11am-1 person; 11am-Noon-1 person; Noon-1:30pm-2 people

Do you have extra plants you would like to share with others? Need to divide up bulbs or perennials? Consider potting them up for the plant sale table.  Plants will be accepted beginning October 14th. A few volunteers are needed the day of the bazaar to help sell plants.
Volunteers Needed: 11am-Noon-1 person; Noon-1:30pm-2 people

We will need many volunteers the day of the bazaar to help collect money, help folks take larger purchases to their vehicles, and help at the end of the day getting unsold items back into the storage building. PLEASE consider signing up to help-even if you can only volunteer a few hours!
Volunteers Needed: 7am-9am-Set up-4 people; 9am-10am-3 people; 10am-11am-6 people; 11am-Noon-7 people; Noon-1:30-8 people. Several people needed at 1:30pm to help put outside items back into the building.

Did we mention we need volunteers?! That would be you!  Please sign up in the gathering space to help out! Or call the parish office.

Come play bingo for prizes and cash!  A fun time for all! Volunteers needed throughout the day to call numbers, pass out bingo cards and collect money. 
Volunteers Needed: 10am-11:30am-1 person; 11:30am-1pm-3 people

Stop by the Religious Articles table-we will have a variety of merchandise for sale.

Volunteers are needed a day or two prior to the bazaar to assist with set up/decorating and some food prep. Lots of help needed the day of the bazaar. Volunteers typically work in shifts. Volunteers serve food, help keep food line stocked, possibly help prepare foods and collect money.
Volunteers Needed: 9am-10am-3 people; 10am-11am-4 people; 11am-Noon-4 people; Noon-1pm-5 people; 1pm-2pm-6 people, Clean up crew at 2pm- 6 people

NEW THIS YEAR-CONCESSION STAND- Popcorn, Nachos, chips, candy, drinks and other goodies will be available for purchase outside under the gazebo. 
Volunteers Needed: 9am-10am-1 person; 10am-11am-1 person; Noon-1:30pm-3 people

Volunteers needed to help set up games, assist children playing the games throughout the day, sell tickets, give out prizes, and help clean up at the end of the day. 
Volunteers Needed: 8am-9am (set up)-5 people; 9am-10am-3 people; 10am-11am-4 people; 11am-Noon-3 people; Noon-1:30pm-6 people (also help with teardown).

CLEAN UP CREW- following the bazaar 2:00pm
This is one of the most overlooked but most necessary part of the bazaar!  We need a crew of at least 7 people willing to assist immediately following the bazaar to help with clean up! Leftovers from the yard sale will need to be brought into the storage building, help is needed putting away Children's Games, clean up of chairs and tables after Bingo, Food Line clean up, etc.  In years past, many folks who have volunteered all day were then left to clean up-PLEASE help out-remember, many hands make light work! Please consider helping out here! 


We also need help with 'Last Chance' bazaar sales after all masses October 20th. We need volunteers (3-4 each Mass) to sell leftovers in the parish hall and in the storage building.  More bazaar cleanup will take place Monday, October 21st. Again, about 7 people are needed to help tidy everything up. We will begin at 9:00am Monday, October 21st. 

A coffee and doughnut social will take place Sunday October 20th following both morning Masses! Join us for more fellowship!

Questions? Contact Donna Thompson in the parish office- 910-488-1797 or [email protected]