Bishop's Annual Appeal


What is the Bishop's Annual Appeal?
The Bishop’s Annual Appeal is a yearly effort that enables the Diocese of Raleigh to fund a variety of vital programs and ministries throughout eastern NC. The BAA is an opportunity to make a difference in and beyond an individual parish.

What is the mission of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal?
The mission of the Bishop’s Annual Appeal is to proclaim the gospel, serve our communities and educate the next generation - all while spreading hope and love.

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Click image for BAA 2022 video(English)      Click image for BAA 2022 video(Spanish)

Where does money from the BAA go?

The BAA Campaign continues! Pledge cards are still available if you need one. Our Goal Set by the Diocese: $82,768.00.  Currently, 23% of our parishioners have responded for a pledged amount of $47,426.00. If you already completed a pledge card, we thank you. If you have not, we ask that you fill one out as soon as possible.  Completed pledge cards may be dropped into the offertory baskets, the gray box in the gathering space, or brought in to the parish office.  Thank you for your generosity and support!

The Diocese has made it possible, and encourages participants to pledge online. CLICK HERE to go directly to their online giving site.

Questions? Contact Kate Kane in the parish office: 910-488-1797 or [email protected] 

There is also an opportunity for you yo send a prayer request to Bishop Zarama. Click below to participate.
Prayer Intentions / Petición de Oración