Knights of Columbus


Knights of Columbus Sons of Mother Seton Council #9847
Grand Knight-Eric Olson
[email protected]

The Knights of Columbus is an organization of Catholic men, 18yrs and older, who are committed to making their community a better place while supporting their Church. The Knights are involved in the local community, and support the Church and its causes, all while deepening their faith.  They also believe in protecting and enhancing their family life. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the parish hall.  If you are interested in joining, or would like additional information, contact Eric Olson, any Knight, or go to

Upcoming Events:

Brother Knights-Don't miss this Lenten opportunity!
Join Colin Jorsch for a spiritual reflection series that will encourage, challenge, and call forth to mission every willing man of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. This is a virtual video series. Sessions are held each Thursday at 7:00pm during Lent. Participation in any and all is welcome. Sessions last about 40 minutes. Please email Colin at: [email protected] for more information or to sign up. Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your spirituality this Lenten season. This is open to ALL men of the parish-invite a friend! Below is the schedule of topics.

February 25th- Brotherhood- Man was not meant to "go it alone," but to be in communion with others. It is important to build close friendships with other men of faith. Master Sergeant Sompaul Vorapanich shares lessons on the importance of brotherhood


March 4th- Leadership- 
Men must become leaders through developing their character. True leadership seeks greatness and brings out greatness in others. Robert Yates discusses his service in the Air Force and highlights the importance of being servant leaders.

March 11th- Fatherhood- The presence and involvement of a loving father is critical in the development of a child. True fatherhood models itself on God the Father. Former MLB player Mike Sweeney shares how the faith of a man should shape his role as a father.

March 18th- Family- There is a "battle for the very soul of the family." Men's service of their families requires sacrifice. Greg and Julie Alexander explain how discovering the true nature of marriage transformed their relationship and their family.

March 25th- Life- 
Human life is sacred. Men have a responsibility to protect society's most vulnerable. Men's participation in the pro-life movement is vital. John Morales shares his story of regret, healing and hope as a testimony to the importance of life.


Each Tuesday & Thursday during Lent, at 6:00am, begin your day with the daily readings followed by the rosary. Sessions last about 30 minutes. Colin Jorsch will once again host although this year the gatherings will be virtual. Contact Colin at [email protected] for information on how to participate. All parishioners are invited to join us-invite a friend!


Council Outreach 

Operation LAMB (Least Among My Brethren)

Operation LAMB is a program of the Knights of Columbus.  The sole mission of LAMB is to assist people in North Carolina who have intellectual disabilities.  During the campaign, Knights, along with their families and friends, stand long hours outside shopping centers to give away Tootsie Rolls and to collect donations to assist those with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to the extreme generosity of shoppers, corporate sponsors and retail outlets that support our annual Tootsie Roll campaign, funds are raised and disbursed to local organizations in support of the intellectual disabled in our community. 

The Sons of Mother Seton Council has provided funds for the "Exceptional Children" programs in numerous schools throughout Cumberland County, the Autism Society of Cumberland County and Special Olympics of Cumberland County.  Smiling faces and bright yellow aprons have become a familiar sight at stores within our community.  When you see us, stop by, have a Tootsie Roll, and if able, make a donation. For more information about Operation LAMB and their good works go to:

Testimonial from a local school who directly benefited from LAMB-
"Through the LAMB donations to our classroom, we have been able to provide many opportunities for our students. Through the years, we have taken them to the Zoo, Disney on Ice, the Botanical Gardens, and many other places in our community. These are venues in our community that our students would not have otherwise had the opportunity to attend. We also take them out to eat at least once a year with provided funds. This allows our autistic students a real world experience where they have to order off the menu for themselves. They also are responsible for interacting with the employees at the establishment we go to. Without LAMB funding, none of these opportunities would be possible for our students. 
Sheila Howell & Melissa Brady- John Griffin Middle School

Recycle for Others

Help the Knights help others!  Bring your recyclable aluminum to the church. 
Place donations in the trailer located on the left side of the storage/maintenance building. 
Monies earned from the recycled cans is used to assist less fortunate families in the community.  Thank you!

Knights of Columbus Career Opportunity: 
Have you ever considered a career that allows you to do good for others while doing well for yourself? Here's an opportunity to work for a fortune 1000 company that holds the same religious, moral, and ethical beliefs as you. The Knights of Columbus has an opening for a career opportunity representing their insurance program. They offer a complete benefits package with this full-time position. In order to qualify, one must be eligible for membership in the Knights of Columbus. For more information, go to our website: Please contact Christopher Mahoney, General Agent, at 919-719-2715 or via email at [email protected]


Knights of Columbus Council 9847 Officers 2019-2020

Grand Knight- Eric Olson
Financial Secretary- Hubert Gibson
Deputy Grand Knight- John Hausfeld
Chancellor- Chris Kendziera
Recorder- vacant
Treasurer- Frank Johnson
Advocate- Robert Cockerham
Warden- Peter Leone
Inside Guard- Dave Benes
Outside Guard- Bruce Butler
First Year Trustee- L.D. Sullivan
Second Year Trustee- Darryl Gerow
Third Year Trustee- Joe Gelin
Chaplain- Rev. John Kelly, O.S.F.S.
Lecturer- Michael Smith