Adult Formation

Adult Formation Opportunities


The RCIA/Catechesis sessions are open to all interested adults in the parish. Sessions are held most Sunday mornings from 10:15am-11:15am in the area to the right off the main assembly room in the parish hall. Below is the session schedule. If you have questions or wish to attend these sessions, please contact Michael Smith in the parish office-910-488-1797 or [email protected] Michael will make the study books available to you upon request.

RCIA/ Adult Catechesis Session Schedule*

Feb. 2, 2020 Presentation of the Lord--                                The Two Natures (Human & Divine)
Feb. 9, 2020 Social Teaching/Preferential Option of the Poor
Feb. 16, 2020 Human Freedom and Christ's Law of Love
Feb. 23, 2020 Universal Call to Holiness
Mar. 1, 2020 Divine Election
Mar. 8, 2020 Christ, Our Hope of Glory/Scrutinies Overview
Mar. 14, 2020 Scrutiny #1-Woman at the Well--Faith as a Gift
Mar. 22, 2020 Scrutiny #2-Man Born Blind--Original Sin            and Social Sin
Mar. 29, 2020 Scrutiny #3- Raising of Lazarus--Paschal Mystery  in the Sacraments
Apr. 5, 2020 Passion of the Lord--Christ's Obedience as a Model for Believers
Apr. 11, 2020 Morning Retreat/Lunch/Rehearsal
Apr. 11, 2020 Easter Vigil, Reception of the Sacraments
Apr. 12, 2020 Easter Sunday-The Resurrection of the Lord

* The Catechesis sessions are open to all interested adults of the parish-not just those individuals going through the RCIA process.

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