Safe Environment

Did You Know?

The Diocese of Raleigh requires that all people who work in leadership with children and youth in our parishes and schools attend a training session in how to recognize and report child abuse. 

The training details five steps to prevent child sexual abuse:

  1. Knowing the warning signs of abuse.
  2. Reporting suspected abuse to appropriate authorities.
  3. Controlling access to children by carefully selecting the adults who work with children and youth.
  4. Monitoring all programs for the safety of children and youth.
  5. Awareness of and sensitive to the lives of the children.

Our Safe Environment Coordinator is Mark Gronski
Mark can be contacted at: [email protected]
or by phone at: 314-808-4193

Go To Webinar will host a training in recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect. This is the safe environment training that is required for all clergy, employees and those in leadership positions with children and youth. This session is for either initial safe environment training or for those needing the 5-year renewal. Register in advance and the link to the session will be sent to you so that you may attend.

Dr. John A. Pendergrass
Dir. Child and Youth Protection/Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Catholic Diocese of Raleigh