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February 25, 2024- Second Sunday of Lent

Posted by Carol Johnson on 2/26/24

Fr. Arturo did not preach this weekend-Deacon Steve was the homilist.

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time-February 11, 2024

Posted by Carol Johnson on 2/12/24

The parents and their five children had a skin disease. As a child, I saw them in Church and on the street, at the fresh market, and in school. Their skin had cracks all over. Their skin challenge was reported on national news and became known to the entire ... Read More »

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time-January 21, 2024

Posted by Carol Johnson on 1/28/24

I was at the Coliseum in Rome with my two nephews, Cesar and Andrew. It was a rainy day. Restrooms were small, tucked within the Coliseum’s columns. They had small ramps connecting to the entrances and exits, which were easily missed. After we all used the restrooms, my nephews ... Read More »

Feast of the Holy Family-December 31, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 1/01/24

Abram and Sarai lived about 18 centuries before the Lord. Their time was much different than the time when the Lord lived. Most people believed in several gods. People thought that once they died, they totally disappeared. No religion of the time promised life after death. No philosophical movement ... Read More »

Christmas-December 25, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 12/26/23

Julie is the oldest among my nieces and nephews. Because of being the first niece, she gained the uncles’ and aunts’ undivided attention. Her brother and sister came after, and Julie was still the spoiled one. When she was thirteen years old, David, the first child of my older ... Read More »

3rd Sunday of Advent-December 17, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 12/19/23

From my seminarian days, Bethany was the part of the seminary complex where communal dormitories and bathrooms were located. Only freshmen were assigned there when there were not enough private rooms with private bathrooms in the main, five story building to house all the seminarians. I had a private room during ... Read More »

2nd Sunday of Advent-December 10, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 12/11/23

My mother spent the last four years of her life mostly with me. She would come to visit for six months and return home for a couple of months and come back to visit. She was already very sick during the last Christmas she spent with me in 2003. ... Read More »

Immaculate Conception-December 8, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 12/11/23

My nationality by birth is Colombian. I also received the American nationality in 2008 after the process of naturalization. Birth and naturalization grants rights to people. I recalled the process of my American naturalization during these past days as I reflected on the readings for today’s solemnity.

Adam and ... Read More »

1st Sunday of Advent-December 3, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 12/04/23

Seeing leafless trees is not common for people from countries with no seasons like my native Colombia. Someone from Colombia who had moved to the United States once was telling me about a relative of his who came to visit him during a winter season. When he asked the ... Read More »

Christ the King - November 26, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 11/27/23

When I go to my hometown in Colombia, I jog at the public soccer field. During my most recent trip, I found an elderly man there, Gorgonio, tending three baby sheep. I have known Gorgonio since my childhood. He became blind late in life. Gorgonio always recognized my voice ... Read More »