Easter Flower Memorials/Honorings



Easter Flower Memorials and Honorings 

Easter Flowers Donated in Memory of:

Johnny Popp; Steve Popp, Sr; Stevie Popp, Jr;  by Chris Popp
John & Mary Chalissery; Geraldine Daisy Simmons; Pearlie & Daisy Walker; Walter & Willie Odessa Simmons  by Mr. & Mrs. Willie Simmons
The deceased members of the Pena & Tayao Families  by Dr. & Mrs. Manuel Tayao
John Long  by his family
Cass & Pete Tancredi; Elinor & Jim Grear; Vicki Evans; John Hagedorn; Fr. Dennis Rocheford; Jim & Helen Brown  by Mr. & Mrs. James Brown
Euclid & Jeanne, Narcisse & Odile, Kenneth, Nancy Jalbert; Cyril & Christine Jandreau; Paulette Munson; Dustin Gross; Robert Usher  by Ed & Gloria Williams 
Michael Hines; Petey Jantich; Dennis McPherson  by Mr. & Mrs. William Overton
Roco & Maria  by Mr. & Mrs. John O'Connor
Bonnie Jean Mahalik  by Michael Mahalik
Charles Doerr  by Mr. & Mrs. Edward Doerr
Jeffrey Brent Arnold  by Christine Arnold
Doug Pozniak; John Verhage, Sr & Helen Verhage; Gracie Cicerale  by Mr. & Mrs. Mark Robins
Tom, Betty, Bernard, Mary, Sarah Donnelly; Victor Bell; Bill, Dorothy, Russ, Gladys Gaisford; Jack & Eileen Murphy; Elizabeth Keeling; Helen, Sally, Martin, Josie Dod; Ashley Park; Web & Kitty Jackson; Mary Gelineaux; Max Factor  by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Donnelly
Raymond Giometti  by Mike & Dianna O'Meara
Henry & Florence Clairmont; Albert & Eleanor Sabol; David, MaryAnn, Paul Clairmont  by Eric & Linda Clairmont
Kristin Quade  by Theresa McGuire
Patty Hartsook  by Marcia Fail
Sam & Tony Speranza; Maria S. Fulghum; Magdalena & Mathias Kunz  by Lydia Speranza
William G. & Robert F. Dittrich; Kelly Johnson  by Ethel Dittrich & Kim Johnson
Florentino & Perla Chanco; Leopoldo & Obdulia Atienza; Rosana Roque  by Ed & Malu Atienza
James Paxton Boyd, Jr; Laverne Charbula  by Alyssa Ivey
Bob Timbers  by Chari Timbers

Easter Flowers Donated in Honor of:
Lili Pompa; Isella O'Rourke; Kristin Pastore  by Mr. & Mrs. James Brown
Laura Shipley  by Marcia Fail

Additional Flower Donations

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Varnado
Anita Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. LD Sullivan

Thank you for helping make our church beautiful for Easter!

As we celebrate the Easter season, we decorate the church with flowers as a reminder of God's beautiful creation. The cost of flowers is offset by the contributions of parishioners. There are several ways to make a donation:
  Use the Flower envelope in your offertory envelope packet. Write the names on the enveolpe of those you wish to remember or honor (please indicate if memorial or honoring). 
Make a donation through our online giving site: https://seaschurch.weshareonline.org/

Use a plain envelope marked Easter Flowers on the outside. Be sure to list any names for memorial or honoring.

Envelopes can be dropped in the offertory basket, the gray box in the gathering space, or mailed or brought by the parish office. Thank you again for your help in making the church beautiful for the Easter season!