Easter Flower Memorials/Honorings



Easter Flower Memorials and Honorings 
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Easter Flowers Donated in Memory of:

All Souls
Richard Alt
The Alt Family
Victor Bell
Jim & Helen Brown
Stephen Burch
Myrtle & Charles Cashwell
Jose & Maria Chalissery
Gracie Cierale
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Cockerham
Martin & Josie Dod
Sally & Helen Dod
Bernard Donnelly
Tom & Betty Donnelly
Vicki Evans
Max Factor
Mr. Ray Fann
Bill & Dorothy Gaisford
Mary Gelineaux

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Gibson
Elinor Grear
Web & Kitty Jackson
Helen & Charles Kahn
Elizabeth Keeling
Donna Kuzma
John Long
Mr. & Mrs. Howard W. McKinney, Sr.
Jack & Eileen Murphy
Douglas Pozniak
Ashley Parks
Michael Parks
William Paz Soldan
Steve Pratt
Robert Francis Fitzgerald Reid
Mark Robbins
Fr. Denis Rocheford
The Schmidt Family
Daisy Simmons
Catherine & Leonard Steinkanyc
Cass & Pete Tancredi
Laura Terek
Helen & John Verhage
Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Vickers
Rachel Violette
Ed Williams
Ed Williams
Maria Yose

Easter Flowers Donated in Honor of:

Additional Flower Donations:
Mr. & Mrs. John O'Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Rose
Mr. & Mrs. Simon Lim
Pasquale Vendettuoli

Thank you for helping make our church beautiful for Easter!

As we celebrate the Easter season, we decorate the church with flowers as a reminder of God's beautiful creation. The cost of flowers is offset by the contributions of parishioners. There are several ways to make a donation:
  Use the Flower envelope in your offertory envelope packet. Write the names on the enveolpe of those you wish to remember or honor (please indicate if memorial or honoring). 
Make a donation through our online giving site: https://seaschurch.weshareonline.org/

Use a plain envelope marked Easter Flowers on the outside. Be sure to list any names for memorial or honoring.

Envelopes can be dropped in the offertory basket, the gray box in the gathering space, or mailed or brought by the parish office. Thank you again for your help in making the church beautiful for the Easter season!