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4th Sunday in Ordinary Time-January 21, 2024

Posted by Carol Johnson on 1/28/24

I was at the Coliseum in Rome with my two nephews, Cesar and Andrew. It was a rainy day. Restrooms were small, tucked within the Coliseum’s columns. They had small ramps connecting to the entrances and exits, which were easily missed. After we all used the restrooms, my nephews ... Read More »

Feast of the Holy Family-December 31, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 1/01/24

Abram and Sarai lived about 18 centuries before the Lord. Their time was much different than the time when the Lord lived. Most people believed in several gods. People thought that once they died, they totally disappeared. No religion of the time promised life after death. No philosophical movement ... Read More »