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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time-October 29, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 10/29/23

Fr. Arturo did not preach this weekend-Deacon Steve was the homilist.

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time-October 22, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 10/23/23

Father Jose Vicente became my home parish pastor when I was in my High School junior year. He helped me discern the call to be a priest. I recalled some of my conversations with him this week as I reflected on today’s gospel reading. Father Jose Vicente would occasionally ... Read More »

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time-October 15, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 10/16/23

In her late twenties, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton went through extremely difficult times. Several relatives, including her father, died from disease. Her husband William’s business was ruined and he himself became sick. Hoping for a recovery in both William’s health and finances, the couple adventurously left the United States ... Read More »

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time-October 8, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 10/09/23

Raising my younger brother Napoleon was challenging for my father. Napoleon is two years younger than me. He is a very bright person, who is now a civil engineer. He was a rebellious child. In High School, Napoleon was often being called to the principal’s office. My father got ... Read More »

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time-October 1, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 10/01/23

My sister Rosita’s University classmates used to call her “the lady of sorrows” because she would often have body aches. About fifteen years ago, on one of my visits to her in Savannah, my older nephew Andrew was six years old. When I arrived, she started to feel sick. ... Read More »