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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 27, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 8/27/23

My uncle Desiderio was my mother’s closest sibling. There were nine children in her family. Desiderio was two years younger than my mother. He was a professor of Math at Cauca State University in Colombia. Desiderio died four years ago.

He told a story about going to a pub ... Read More »

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 20, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 8/20/23

I left for Savannah, Georgia, a month ago on a Monday. At the same time my 21-year-old nephew, Andrew, was at the doctor’s office in Savannah receiving the results from his second round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for his lymphoma. On the way down there, I was informed ... Read More »

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary-August 15, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 8/17/23

The town of Guacheta is located about an hour-and-a-half away from my hometown in Colombia. Today this town holds festivities in honor of our Lady of the Transit. The Transit of the Blessed Virgin Mary refers to her glorious Assumption. My uncle Vitaliano, who is the youngest of all ... Read More »

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 13, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 8/14/23

Fr. Arturo did not preach this weekend-Deacon Steve was the homilist. 

The Transfiguration of the Lord-August 6, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 8/07/23

The thing that I remember the most from Sunday Mass in my hometown church when I was a child is the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament that would often take place at the end of Mass. The monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament would go in procession through the main ... Read More »