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6th Sunday of Easter-May 14, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 5/16/23

I have shared with some of you the news of a tragedy that happened to my extended family in Colombia this past week. A cousin of mine, Teresa, lost her husband, Luis, age 58, and their 18th-year-old youngest son, Jorge, in an attempted robbery. My cousin’s family buys and ... Read More »

5th Sunday of Easter-May 7, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 5/07/23

In today’s gospel Saint John tells us that, at the Last Supper, the Lord shares with his disciples that He is going to his Heavenly Father’s house, and that one day He will take them there. What should have taken the disciples by surprise is the Lord’s revelation that ... Read More »

4th Sunday of Easter-April 30, 2023

Posted by Carol Johnson on 5/01/23

The Colombian seminary I attended was a long five-story structure like a hotel building. The main door was big enough to allow cars to go in and was closed at night. Seminarians could not go out most of the time, except with permission. On Friday afternoons and Sundays, we ... Read More »